Celeste Yacoboni

Celeste Yacoboni has facilitated healing and transformation since 1994. As a licensed massage therapist, certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, ordained minister, and wisdom keeper, Celeste passes down a lineage of information deeply connected to the feminine through her “Voice of The Feminine Salon” and her work facilitating breast and abdominal massage.

Celeste is passionate about uplifting silenced and marginalized voices and is interested in utilizing her decades of experience in the healing arts to share a deeper, universal experience of the sacred in daily life for all.

In her book How Do You Pray? she asks 129 religious leaders, spiritual guides, healers, activists & other lovers of humanity to share their prayers. This book encourages the reader to contemplate the intention of prayer in their own life.


  • Ordained Minister of Walking Prayer, Center for Sacred Studies
  • Certified Massage and Body Work Therapist, NM License #2042, New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
  • Certified Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner, The Chi Nei Tsang Institute
  • Certified Chi Gong and Meditation Instructor, White Cloud Institute


  • Manual Lymph Drainage, The Vodder School
  • Well Breast Massage, White Cloud institute
  • Energy Medicine, White Cloud Institute
  • Aromatherapy and plant essence trainings with master teachers and distillers
  • Compassionate Care of the Dying, Upaya Zen Center
  • Core Advocacy to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence, NM Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Healing the Healer: Tending to the Self of the Psychedelic Therapist, Polaris Insight Center

The Voice of the Feminine salon was very shamanic, bringing in the Goddesses: Quan Yin, Sekhemet, and my favorite the Black Madonna! I will continue to work with them and offer them as allies to the women in my circle.  The whole thing was very informative and inspiring.

Celeste Boals

Shamanic Practitioner

Celeste walks her talk. She is open, curious and very caring. She creates a safe space for my many internal voices to quiet themselves. She knows how to step aside and allow my natural intelligence to witness the flowering of my natural affinity to heal.

Alexana Hope


Celeste Yacoboni is the curator of the worlds greatest spiritual practices and prayers, all put together in one beautiful, holy book and place, where anybody who believes in anything or nothing can reconnect to themselves, to God, and to why they are really here.

Marcia Wieder

CEO of Dream University

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