Becoming The Lotus Salon

Celeste with Lotus © Susan Slotter
Every precious moment is an opportunity to awaken. Like the Lotus we blossom to the sun while our roots are in the mud. As we progressively realize our original nature of formless spirit, our hearts open and our words and actions emanate the sweet fragrance of compassion and love.

Becoming the Lotus is a salon that celebrates this alchemy. The Lotus is showing up in our consciousness now and going mainstream as a teacher, archetype and evolutionary driver.

In our time together we explore the world history of this sacred plant through time and traditions.

We will be anointed with rare Blue, Pink and White Lotus oils and meet the deities associated with the Lotus and feel their frequencies and virtues.

As we drink Blue Lotus tea and embody the spirit of the plant we move into mudras, mantras and meditation.

We are blossoming AS we stand in the muddy waters of life. We don’t have to wait for perfection. Bloom where you are!

In the lotus pond I stood, my feet planted deep into the mud oozing with life. The web of roots was so thick my feet became part of this tough woven mesh. My body undulated with the waves of air around me. I reached up towards the sun crowned in the green breathing leaves. There the magnificent pink lotus vibrated with color, life force, sunshine and the buzzing of bees. I disappeared into the stillness of the lotus.

The lotus is an alchemist with its roots in the primal slime, the rich, dark earth, and the water absorbing it’s nutrients. Up shoots the thick stem, it’s huge green leaves floating on the water. The lotus flower opens in the sun and closes at night, replenishing itself. The buds and seedpods represent the transition of birth, death and rebirth, the cycle of life.