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Healing the Air

Beloved Air,

I feel you tickle my nostrils, expand my lungs and brush my cheeks. I know you are the breath of God.

Your invisible embrace holds all of nature and creates the atmosphere of our Mother Earth. You carry the fragrances and hold the temperature.

Thank you for giving me life and inspiration. I am sorry for the pollution we generate and you process and try to accommodate. May you regenerate.

May you regenerate in ways that we can’t even imagine. Our chanting is waves on your vast expanse where you meet outer space and distant dimensions. We are in awe and wonder.

Blessings to the one breath breathing.




We have an incredible “Healing the Air” call with our brothers and sisters at Humanity’s Team.

Listen to the call replay here:

[mp3t track=”Click to Listen@http://howdoyoupray.com/images/celeste-humanitys-team-4-27-14.mp3″ play=”Start me!” stop=”Pause it!” volslider=”y”]


I really urge you to listen! Here is a comment I received:

Hello Celeste,

I loved your recent interview with Humanity’s Team. I thank you for your Ho’oponopono recording. I listen to it daily and find that by chanting it, it comes automatically to mind when I need it.

I have to tell you a cute story around this chant. My young boys and I were on a long distance car trip last week. My 7 year old ( Christian ) was trying to argue with my 4 year old ( William ) in the back seat. William did not react to his brothers yelling, but rather said “Mommy, will you put on Ho’oponopono?” I did and all became quiet as we listened to your beautiful chant . After about a minute William said, “Ho’oponopono makes my body calm.” We thank you for sharing your beautiful vibrations. We are sharing them too.

Kelli Ebel
Paris, Texas

And here is some more feedback that the team received:

Once again, so many people have sent comments in about how our ‘Healing the Air’ call moved them in such positive ways. Thanks to all of you who attended the call. And special gratitude to Steve Farrell, Steve Bhaerman and Celeste Yacoboni for the beautiful hosting of this ‘Ceremony of Forgiveneness So Everyone Can Breathe a Little Easier’ event. We all believe everyone is breathing a little easier because of the gathering.

For those of you who were unable to attend the live call, here is the link to the webcast:

and the password is: breath

Here are just a few of the lovely comments we heard or received:

Magdalene – Canterbury, Kent, UK ~ Thank you Team for hosting this on Equinox, it is meaningful.

Julie – Sedona ~ Thank you, Swami and Celeste and Humanity’s Team for bringing us together to collectively heal our world!

Valerie – Santa Rosa Beach, FL ~ I have been doing the ho’oponopona daily since our last webinar. I love it

Carol – San Francisco ~ So lovely….my heart opened immediately ~ blessings

Elisabeth – Curacao ~ Thank you I loved. It. Xx

Ildiko – Bournemouth UK ~ Thank you, this was a beautiful, powerful and soulful healing sacred space ~ Bright blessings

Michele – Steamboat Springs ~ While singing the Hoʻoponopono chant along with Celeste, I felt a healing vibration through my whole body. It was so calming and validating. Thank you so much.

Sarah from California came in with this input: As we all know, we are energy and we can set an intention that makes a difference in what we manifest…we can use metaphysical tools like the violet flame and invite our unseen friends to help us in healing.

Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to you joining our next call, ‘Healing our Earth’ on June 26th from 8:30 – 9:30am Los Angeles, CA, US time. Further details are forthcoming.

Blessings and Oneness,

Nannette Kennedy
Worldwide Communications Coordinator
Humanity’s Team


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