Breast Massage

Breast Massage gives attention to an important part of the body that is often ignored in traditional massage.

The breasts need to move naturally for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is often complicated by constrictive bras and clothing sometimes resulting in discomfort, swelling and stagnation. Breast Massage relieves edema, scar tissue, and painful breasts during monthly cycles as it assists circulation and detoxification required for health.

Massage of the breast tissue, ribs and underarms is beneficial before and after breast surgery and in aiding restricted range of motion of the shoulder joint. Breast massage allows monitoring of breast tissue changes and increases self-awareness through participation in health and wellness. Breast health is whole body health!

Abdominal Massage

Of Taoist Chinese origin, this abdominal massage is called Chi Nei Tsang, meaning “working with the energy of the internal organs.” Chi is our lifeforce energy. Chi Nei Tsang is performed mainly on the abdomen with deep, gentle, soft touch that brings awareness and supports the organ systems in working more efficiently. Chi Nei Tsang is detoxifying, pumping organs with fresh blood, oxygen and chi while releasing wastes and toxins.

Just as we digest food, we also digest all of life’s experiences, on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional levels. Unprocessed or undigested emotions create “charges” that are held in the body, often in the abdomen and internal organs. These unprocessed emotional charges create patterns of tension in the body that impact your health. Through breath, touch, and increased circulation, Chi Nei Tsang returns balance to your whole system.

My experience of Celeste’s bodywork has been extraordinary. A natural intuition exudes from her hands to carry clients into realms of healing and deep contact within the self. She is a generous and gracious practitioner.

Caryn Diel

Director of White Cloud Institute

Celeste’s hands and breathing take you where you need to go in your body connecting you deeply into your core. In moving blocked energy from the body and drawing pain to the surface for release, she creates a space deep within the self to more truly anchor the soul. It is celestial healing that takes you home to yourself and you never want to leave.

Swan A. Montague


Celeste walks her talk. She is open, curious and very caring. She creates a safe space for my many internal voices to quiet themselves. She knows how to step aside and allow my natural intelligence to witness the flowering of my natural affinity to heal.

Alexana Hope