The Voice of the Feminine

Individual coaching sessions and group salons, The Voice of the Feminine, are for women and anyone who has ever felt marginalized or silenced, individually and collectively. It’s time to wake up from the spell of silence and reclaim your voice!

Celeste creates a space of safety and nurturance that facilitates your unique transformation. Her gifts of listening from the heart and distilling the essence of your story will help you live in new ways.

Discover your personal path from silence to voice so that you can create a personal path to a place of power, compassion, and confidence.

Join Celeste to:

  • Discover the social norms and dynamics that both silence and honor the feminine voice.
  • Create new habits that support feeling visible, seen, and heard.
  • Learn an array of experiential skills and practices to assist your transformation.
  • Enhance your ability to speak from an empowered place of presence with authenticity, connection and confidence.

The salon strengthened my commitment to saying my truth calmly and clearly, or to take space in situations where mutual listening is not happening. As well, I intend to continue to deepen my own listening with compassion. I was really glad to be able to share this information and dialogue with my mother!

Celeste Boals

Shamanic Practitioner

Celeste’s salon and her gracious manner opened each of us to share more deeply and openly than we normally do. I was impressed with her stories about how these deities and goddesses came to be in her pantheon of divine guides and inspirations.

Courtney Hannah


I thought I was the only one afraid to express my voice and true feelings. By participating in the Salon, I came away feeling empowered and supported by Celeste’s wisdom and compassionate teachings. What an honor to share our experiences, insights, and love during the Voice of the Feminine Salon

Martha Riech