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I Have Something to Say

My name is Celeste Yacoboni and I have something to say.

I was afraid to share my voice for a good part of my life. Not because I would be beaten or stoned like some of my sisters all over the world. It was something deep inside that kept me silent and doubting myself, particularly in my conversations with men and especially with my husband. I felt talked over, intimidated, and left out of conversations.

As I became more aware of conversational dynamics with men throughout my life, I became more uncomfortable. I realized how during these conversations, I would flee to my head, start spinning, and leave my body. I felt silenced and hurt. Also I felt confused and ashamed that I was allowing this situation to repeatedly happen.

As I began to share my experiences with other women, I found out that I was not alone.

Historical Trauma

The patriarchal system has marginalized, subjugated, and abused women and girls. It has shaped our history with the language of war and the pursuit of wealth and winning. Women were often the trophies of conquest, given and taken without their consent. We were beaten, raped and burned. We were bought and sold, objectified, commoditized, and commercialized for the benefit of men. It was unsafe to be in a women’s body.

This great fear, humiliation, and trauma lives on in our DNA passed from mother to daughter. It creates anxiety, depression, poor self-image, self-doubt, and unhappiness for all. Of course we doubt ourselves and are afraid to speak up and actually believe that we have nothing to say. Our internalized and inherited experiences result in the spell of silence.

Beneath our accomplishments we may feel vulnerable and afraid of being of exposed. We may feel a lack of self worth. We may have forgotten that all life is sacred and we belong to each other. We are not crazy for feeling this way. Being good enough by patriarchy’s standards retraumatizes us.

Healing the Trauma: Breaking the Spell of Silence

Our healing comes from being seen, heard, witnessed, and accepted as we are. You may feel like you don’t know enough, can’t speak well enough, or that no one will listen. But speak up anyway. Each of us has a voice and a special way of speaking. The world needs to hear this. We are all part of a bigger whole. It is up to each one of us to summon the courage to speak our truth. Now, for ourselves, for the welfare of humanity, and for all of life we need to speak up for what supports life.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

I’ve been offering salons where women come together and share our feelings and voices. We explore the history and social norms that both honor and silence the feminine voice. We discover ways to break free of the old dynamics that keep us quiet.

Our stories may be different but we carry the same trauma deep inside. The healing starts with being seen and heard. I’d love to hear from you.



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